Chase Mobile

This app is pretty self-explanatory. One of the biggest banks around, and I've been lucky enough to get to work on this application during my contract at JP Morgan & Chase.

J.P. Morgan Mobile

Another self-explanatory app. This is the other big application I've been working at during my time at JP Morgan & Chase.

McDonalds (McDonalds Canada)

I am lead iOS developer of the McDonalds Canada app. This app is everything you would expect from McDonalds, including things like nutrition facts and mobile ordering!

A Color Story

A Color Story is a popular photo editing app which I worked on for the company. The app has over 2 million downloads and is still rapidly growing.

A Design Kit

A Design Kit is another popular photo editing app which I worked on for A Color Story. This app is geared more towards drawing on photos, adding text and stickers, and things of that sort.


Skorch is an app that gives users the ability to post and view ratings and reviews in real-time. I did some freelance work on this app that added new features and functionality.


This is an application that I built and maintained for Ambassador, a referral marketing automation company. It was built to demonstrate features from Ambassador's iOS SDK, which I also built.


AOMobile is an app I worked on during my time at AmTrust Financial. This is a customer-facing app that allows users to view and edit their various insurance policies on the go.

Salsa Booth

Salsa Booth is a cloud based photo booth that is completely run by the 'Salsa Booth' iPad app. Thousands of owners around the world use this app to run their photo booth companies.


Pizzas by Marchelloni

This is a pizza ordering app that I made for a local pizza restaurant. The app allows you to fully place an order for pickup or delivery, all from the comfort of your phone!

Moving Organizer

This is a personal app that I created to ease the hassle of moving to new places. The app helps users track their items, room by room, as they move.

Duel Tracker

Due to the nerd in me, I built the iOS application, Duel Tracker. The app tracks Yu-Gi-Oh card duels. I built this because I felt competing apps were lacking some features.

Sequence Showdown

This is a personal game I created for fun. Sequence Showdown is a memory game that utilizes Game Center and really works out your brain!

Skate Dice +

Skate Dice is personal application that I created for the Google Play Store. The app is a tool for skateboarders to challenge themselves and learn new tricks.

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